48 Months
Current Value
Built Value
Current Raise

A sixty-five unit subdivision in Markham, Wismer Phase 2 sold out in less than one hour. Offered by noted builder Eldin Homes, Wismer 2 is the second of three parcels being developed in the area known as the Wismer Commons, Markham’s fastest growing master planned community.

Terms at a Glance

48 month term, 8% interest earned annually, interest paid semi-annually, 78% Loan to Value ratio.

Use of Proceeds

Funds raised for initial marketing, construction of sales centre and servicing of lands.

Available Supporting Documentation

Proof of pre-sales (redacted purchase agreements), appraisal, pro-forma.

Project Updates

March 2011: Servicing complete, construction scheduled to commence in May 2011.

December 2009: Project was 100% sold out in one hour of opening sales centre.