FFM CAPITAL Inc. takes on the task of making a special wish come true for 6 year old Matthew.

On February 23rd, 2016 FFM Capital Inc. launched an incredible campaign to help raise funds for a 6 year old boy named Matthew. When Matthew was 2 years old he was diagnosed with leukemia.   Matthew spent 2 years in and out of the hospital fighting for his life. Thankfully, he is in remission. As his mom Bonnie states, “as a reward he deserves to have his wish come true!”

Matthew’s Wish
Matthew loves Jack Sparrow and wants nothing more than to go be a pirate at Disney World.   FFM Capital. Inc is working very closely with the Children’s Wish Foundation. Tiffany McDonald, Director of the Children’s Wish Foundation states that as unique as every wish is it cost approximately $10,000.00 to help grant a child’s wish.


Great News!!
In less than one week, $5525.00 has already been raised. We are more than half way there! Thanks to FFM Capital Inc., for sponsoring the event. A special thanks to Troy Mclean and Angie Pettyjohn for spearheading this initiative “proving that it’s not all about business”.   Krishan Kochhar, started the evening with a very generous personal donation. “We are a team with big hearts and this initiative makes Tony Mazzoli and I so proud.”

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