Syndicate Mortgages

The syndicate mortgages offered by Canadian Development Capital and Mortgage Services Inc (FSCO License #12979) allow consumers to invest registered funds directly in the proven markets of Canadian real estate development and construction.

You don’t receive shares or units that can change in value. Instead your principal is secured against the property/land while you enjoy steady interest on your funds and profit participation at the end of your term.


The syndicate mortgage offers real collateral in the form of a direct charge against real estate, a feature unique to syndicate mortgages. Projects include interest reserves to ensure funds are paid out at proper intervals. Most importantly, all high-rise projects are bonded and insured to protect investors from cost over-runs.

Defined Terms

Other products can leave you guessing when and where you’ll make a profit, but our syndicate mortgages have defined terms so you know exactly when you’ll receive interest payments. That’s the benefit of investing via a syndicate mortgage; you have the benefits and rights of being a lender to protect your position.


All of the developers and builders that partner with Fortress bring decades of knowledge and experience to the table. Each project has been carefully scrutinized and evaluated to make sure it meets with Fortress’ requirements. Before any project is presented to investors it is evaluated by a cadre of third party experts, including cost consultants, engineers, research firms and boutique law firms with a specialty in real estate.

Real Value

We believe in ‘old fashioned’ value when it comes to investing. Something is worth more when genuine value has been added to it, not just because a stock ticker says so. The value of real estate returns is demonstrable and measurable.

By investing in the development and construction of commercial and residential properties, you’re helping to create new places for Canadians to work and live, and that’s growth that makes sense.